Trevor Noah attacked by American man

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Trevor Noah gets attacked by an American TikToker named Doug Romeo.

The comedian’s comments on sensitive issues like police brutality, racism and a few others made the man enraged against him, and further called the South African born star a problem.

He’s South African he comes to America looking for a better life, he is provided one and then he has the nerve to talk sh*t about how bad every one is. I preferred you just stayed home and not have any part of our society because YOU are the problem.

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“You come over here, you talk about how badly black people in America have it, how the f**k would you know? How do you know that? You’ve never struggled in this country, you live in mansions, you’re taking it easy. What’s your fu***ng struggle?”

Trevor appears to be less concerned about the hate, as he shares a post of himself a day ago.


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