The reason why women are fearless during s.e.x

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As the African saying goes: You strike a women, you strike a rock. This is an affirmative statement of how powerful and fearless women are in our lives.

From giving birth to the nation to becoming nurturers of our lifetime, one can’t ignore the strength of a women.

Their strength and fearless nature can also be seen in s.e.x.

According to new research, the combination of being aroused and climaxing makes women one hell of a brave group with whom you don’t want to mess with.

This is a result of how the woman’s brain functions during s.e.x.

In 2017, researchers at Rutgers University Newark used FMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) to examine brain activity immediately before, during, and immediately after female 0rgasm.

The study, published in The Journal of S.e.xual Medicine, found that brain activity was heightened in the moments during 0rgasm, with activity overall being lower during the arousal period as well as the recovery period.

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The activity level increased during 0rgasm in several parts of the brain, indicating it’s not just our bodies that experience heightened sensations during 0rgasm, but our brains as well.

The study revealed that women seem to be more aware with what’s happening around them during s.e.x than their male counterpart.

Thus making them more powerful and fearless.

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