Stephanie Ndlovu warns fans about buying expensive skincare products

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Stephanie Ndlovu has joined the group of celebrities to call out beauty industry and warn fans about buying expensive skincare products.

In her words, she stated that a lifestyle change is more effective.

Taking to Instagram, the star shared photos of her facial skin over the last 8-10 months.

The first 5 pictures she shared, Stephanie stated that she spent money on expensive skincare products and treatments.

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However, this had no effect on the condition of her skin.

In her words, all she needed was to focus on her eating habits and stress levels

Stephanie said that making changes to the way she lives showed her the results she desired.

“(I) spent loads of money, knowing I needed to focus my eating habits and stress levels as well as a good skincare routine,” said Stephanie.

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Fast forward a few months after changing her diet and incorporating a more mindful and active lifestyle, Stephanie is pleased with how her skin is improving.

“So when everyone says, it’s what you put into your body that counts more, they’re not lying. For me, fast foods, dairy and gluten are huge triggers. Anxiety and stress also cause my breakouts,” she wrote.

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See the snaps she shared below:


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