Shona Ferguson remembers late dad

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Shona Ferguson remembers his late father, 2 years after passing.

In a note shared on social media, the actor detailed how much he misses his dad who is a pastor.

He also shared a snap of his father and mother.

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“But my dad was so cool ❤️ and look my beautiful moms 😍 Always has her kings back. Pastor Peter Harry Ferguson AKA JACKSON. You’ve been gone 2 years today but it feels like yesterday. Not a day goes by that I don’t remember your words of wisdom. I feel your presence in the work I do & I’ve always said I want to be as fearless as you were. I’m getting there timer. I’m going for it with all my heart, putting GOD first. I know you are rooting for your children in heaven.”

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“You raised a KING fa. I’m going to make you proud. Miss you always.”


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