Kid Tini reacts to Emtee’s confession about his wife

Kid Tini
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The confession made by the trap star has left social media users divided, as some dragged him for chasing clout.

Kid Tini weighs in on Emtee’s confession about being physically, emotionally, and financially abused by his wife and mother of his sons, Nicole Kendall Chinsamy.

“I haven’t freshened up in 2 days cos I can’t stand being in the same room as this person. She’s hit me, bruised me, and choked me over the years so I’m scared FR”

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“Over some money dawg. How are u gon to loan money on my behalf just to leave me with the debt? I wasn’t there when u took the money and worst of all it’s hard for me to go out and hustle cos she’s there to make sure I flop basically so she can laugh at me with my enemies,” Emtee said.

In a now-deleted tweet, Kid Tini lamented on society’s act of paying less attention to men who are being abused by their partners.

“Rarely ever any consequences for women who wake up every morning to harass men in one way or another. No hashtags, no “cancellations”, no vindication for the brother’s falsely accused. Not this time though, I’m protected by the Lord’s grace and mountains of footage/evidence.”

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