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A Human Rights Lawyer, Olusegun Bamgbose, and the National Coordinator, Concerned Advocates for Good Governance, has called on the President Joe Biden of United States of America, to urgently come to the rescue of Nigeria over rising insecurity, to avoid collapse of the country.

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Bamgbose called on President Biden, to break the silence, stating, that the silence is not golden any more, unless he will be comfortable with the collapse of the most populous black nation on earth.

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The letter read:

“I’m aware that you are in the know of the biggest challenge facing us in Nigeria which is insecurity.

“The situation is fast becoming worrisome on daily basis. Hardly a day passes without one gory story or the other.

“Travellers are no longer sure they will get to their destinations. Farmers can no longer go to their farms for fear of being killed or kidnapped.

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“Foreign investors are no longer forthcoming for fear of being killed or kidnapped. The most populated black race in the world is in a big mess. Our country is fast becoming a jungle.

“Our security agents are overwhelmed and outsmarted by the activities of the insurgents and bandits. The lives of our students are no longer save as bandits are in the habit of abducting them at will in order to demand for ransom.

“The Federal Government seem to be perplexed. We don’t really know where we are heading to as a country. Our country is like a ship without a Captain. The killings and kidnappings have become daily occurrences.

“There seems to be no hope at sight. It’s against this backdrop we urge you to intervene. Your silence is no longer golden. You are in position as President of America, not just to advise but to act appropriately to nip in bud the perennial challenges facing us as a country.

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“It will be diplomatically wrong for you not to offer help when you are in position. You are not just President of America, but ideologically world class President.

“Abandoning Nigeria to her fate will be unacceptable and unjustifiable on any ground. There is no excuse that will suffice for your non intervention. You are our big brother. You should not allow insecurity to consume us as a nation.

“Just yesterday State Governors from North East of Nigeria, made it clear that they no longer rely on the Federal Government of Nigeria to tackle the menace of the insurgents and bandits ravaging their land.

“This has clearly shown that they have lost confidence in the Federal Government. In essence the Buhari administration is fast losing credibility. This is damming and dangerous.

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“President Biden, this is the best of time for you to speak out and rescue this nation before it’s too late. We seriously need you to proactively and pragmatically take decisive action before Nigeria is consumed.

“Our country can’t continue this way. Insecurity is like an ill wind that blows no one any good. The time to act is now as we don’t know what may crop up in the next 24 hours. We need your help President Biden.”

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