I Love Ogogoro, Fufu And How Nigerians Smile – Japanese Ambassador

Mr Kikuta Yutaka, Japanese Ambassador to Nigeria, has revealed, he likes taking Ogogoro, Fufu, Jollof rice, Suya and also admires the way Nigerians smile even in difficulty.


The Japanese Ambassador, who came to Nigeria in 2018, said that when he was coming to Nigeria, he heard so many negative stories about the country, but fell in love with Ogogoro and Fufu, local gin and food respectively of Nigerians.

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Kikuta also revealed, that when Nigeria got independence in 1960, Japan was a poor and war torn East Asia island, but secured loan, from the World bank, which it invested in human capital development.


“Sixty years ago, when Nigeria was born, Japan was still a poor, war-devastated island nation in the far East. However, Japanese people worked so hard for reconstruction of their motherland, with massive loan and help from the World Bank and other development partners. We were grateful for the generosity from the world.

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“At the same time, we learned that investment in human resources constitutes the basis of nation building. We would like to share such an experience with other developing partners.”


He stated, that Nigerian government needs to divert its attention to the development of the citizens, saying that was the policy Japan used to be world leading economy.

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The Japanese Ambassador whose tenure will elapse in six months time said, one unique feature of Nigerians have is their ability to laugh against all odds. he said, the always smiles of Nigerian people shows a people with unique quality.


Yutaka, however enjoined Nigerians to always keep time and be true to their words. He said these two qualities are lacking among Nigerians, stating that they are the two qualities very important to any Japanese.


He said his love for Ogogoro and Fufu is born out a similar spirit and food in his country Japan.

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“I like Jollof rice, Suya, fufu, pounded yam, black honey, ogogoro, etc… We have quite similar food in Japan such as Yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) and Shochu (distilled spirit).


“I prepared all these dishes for our foreign affairs minister, but his visit was cancelled at the very last moment due to COVID-19,” Ambr. Kikuta said.

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