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Chief Femi Fani Kayode has slammed his ex-wife Precious Chikwendu by alleging that the only thing she does as pastime, is to post pictures and words on Instagram and sleep with men outside.


The Formal Minister of Aviation, was reacting to a claim by Chikwendu, who is seeking a court to grant her custody of her children, which she alleges will be under going high handedness in the hands of their father, Chief Fani Kayode.


In  a statement by the Media Consultant to Chief Kayode, Hon. Oladimeji Olaiya, the Peoples Democratic Party chieftain, described the estranged wife allegation as lies and false, and from a woman, who is unfit to be called mother.


Oladimeji Olaiya said: ” Not one thing that she has alleged there is true. We believe that she is unfit to be a mother, and that she has shown nothing but cruelty to her children, whom she has never taken care of, or shown the love and affection of a mother.

“We believe that the children’s lives would be in danger, if they are with her and we shall prove this in court.

“For the avoidance of doubt, at no time did Chief Fani-Kayode expose his children to danger, and he has always provided them with the best of care including 12 nannies and nurses, who did all the work, even when their mother was in the house and whom she herself employed”.

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Fani Kayode states that: ““Neither is it true, that she was ever beaten by Chief Fani-Kayode or anyone else in his staff and security team, either when she was pregnant or not pregnant and it is not true that she was subjected to any form of physical or mental abuse from them.”


Chief Kayode media consultant Olaiya alleges that, ““Chikwendu’s only pastime was to post pictures and words on Instagram and sleep with men outside.”


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The statement further read: ““As a matter of fact, she was the abuser and not Chief Fani-Kayode or any of his security team or staff.”

“On one occasion she cut two people with a knife, and almost bit off the finger of a third, when she was trying to attack and kill her own children and husband with two knives. Thirty people witnessed this and we have it on video.

“We urge members of the public to wait until the truth is revealed about Chikwendu, her mental and physical abuse of her own children, her mental illness, her numerous attempts to murder Chief Fani-Kayode and his four children, her adulterous ways, her unfathomable cruelty, her gold-digging ways, her violence and so much more before they make up their minds.

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“Even though Chikwendu’s plan was to ambush Chief Femi Fani-Kayode into surrendering custody of the children to her, an act that will be grossly inimical to the proper development and well being of the children, we will not respond to her, other than to say that our client, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has expressed gladness that Chikwendu has purportedly approached a court.

“This is an action that will leave our client with no other option but to expose Chikwendu’s lies, wicked and evil plots and life-threatening actions against him over the years: issues he had hitherto kept to himself in order to save her from the horrifying indignity and whatever shame is left of her following such revelations.

“The world is about to be shocked with the truth about her inhumane actions and other deficiencies which our client has over the years endured from her and covered in order not to expose her to any indignity.

“The only reason Chikwendu has not seen her children for close to seven months is that she has refused to come to the house to do so.

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“She was given access to the children 7 months ago and visitation rights, but she refused to exercise them.

“She also speaks to the children regularly on the phone, but is always threatening the lives of their staff and even screaming at the children themselves in an uncontrollable rage on many occasions.

“Finally it is pertinent to note that she was never asked to leave the house or thrown out.

“She walked out on her own saying, she was hearing voices, even when the entire household was begging her to stay and she abandoned her husband and four young children to meet other men outside.

“After she finished having her fun, Chief Fani-Kayode refused to let her back into his house and resolved to keep her out of his life. This is the best decision he has made in the last 7 years,” the statement read.


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