Fan slams Zodwa Wabantu

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Zodwa Wabantu

Mzansi dancer Zodwa Wabantu is always getting praised by her fans for being real and focused when she posts her revealing pictures. This time one fan has told Zodwa that she does not respect her son. This comes after Zodwa posted a picture of herself flashing her privates in public with the caption ‘Guys please tell me why I am so special 😝😝😝.’

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U have no respect for your Son zithini ezinye izongane ezingangayo uma zibona lento oyenzayo,” the concerned fan comments.

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Majority of the dancer’s fans are not happy with this comment ant attack the person. Some say Zodwa is at work and her son should and understands that his mother is working. Others bring in notions like Zodwa should not explain her behavior to anyone.

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Zodwa penetrated the industry as the naked dancer and since then she has risen to be an influencer to other people. Her following on social media and the support she gets tells it all. However, other people seem to be getting the concerned fan’s view and explain to other fans that flashing privates is not special and can be bad for the child.

Many women have since followed Zodwa’s footsteps and have been dancing at events naked and even walking in public with nothing but paint on their bodies just for the clout. More and more videos and pictures of naked women in the streets are seen each day trending on social media.

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Most people support this and everyone has his or her rights but in Zodwa’s case is the child safe from all sorts of societal judgment? So much about a child’s morals can be compromised but this is what the entertainment business has evolved to.

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Connie and Shona Ferguson

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