Euro2020: HT Belgium 1-2 Italy

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That’s the last act of a frenetic, frantic, freestyle first half! What entertainment! Italy were well worth their two-goal lead, having scored a couple of absolute peaches. But that light shove on Doku – which Italy are still complaining about as the teams leave the pitch – has brought the world number one team back into it. You’re not going to go anywhere, are you? Thought not. See you for the second half!

Lukaku gives Donnarumma the eyes, sending the keeper to his right, then skelping the penalty down the middle!

VAR has a good look at the decision, but the penalty stands. A huge moment coming up! Lukaku to take.

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Doku has been extremely quiet. But now look! He drives down the left and enters the Italian box. He gets just ahead of Di Lorenzo, who shoves him in the small of the back. Over he goes, and the referee points to the spot!

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