Connie Ferguson celebrates grandson’s 6th birthday

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Connie Ferguson celebrates her grandson King Ro’s 6th birthday in a small but beautiful way.

The young boy is a son to the actress’ daughter, Lesedi; whom she(Connie) bore in her previous marriage.

Taking to Instagram, Connie shared beautiful snaps and videos to celebrate the young boy, and she also made him a cake with his favourite cartoon used to decorate the cake.

“If there’s one person who has me wrapped around their little finger it is King Ro! @sediimatsunyane and I have bumped heads quite a bit because grandma tends to be a lot more lenient in some instances! But he’s the ONLY boy in the house! And he’s my GRANDSON! And I love him so! And he’s turning 6 today!” she said.

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Shona also celebrated Roro on Instagram.


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