Benefits of taking s.e.x pills

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But whatever nickname you gravitate the most to, the reference to the word Viagra always sparks some excitement in the s.e.x arena.

While many know Viagra as a s.e.xual enhancement and performance pill, many of us are not aware of the other usage benefits of the drug.

According to popular medical magazine, there are plenty of benefits that come with consuming the drug.

Let’s take a look at some of those benefits:

Viagra Makes Flowers Stand Up Straight

This should come as no surprise because flowers are big business and the right flowers at the right time are a sure way to melt anybody’s heart. Israeli and Australian researchers found that 1mg of Viagra dissolved in a vase of water can double the shelf-life of cut flowers by retarding the breakdown of cyclic guanosine monophosphate.

Helps with jet lag

A 2007 study by a few Argentinian researchers discovered that Viagra helped reset a hamster’s circadian rhythm faster. The circadian rhythm is also known as the sleep-wake cycle, and in this experiment, it was manipulated by adjusting how much light the hamsters were exposed to.

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Boosts Athletic Performance

There have been a few studies conducted investigating the use of Viagra to enhance athletic performance; the majority of these studies were in cyclists.

One 2006 study did show an improvement in four out of ten of the cyclists who took part, but only at high altitudes 3,874 meters above sea level. In these sildenafil-responders, time-trial performance improved by 39%, compared to only 1% in the other six non-responders.

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