Baked Potato with Mushrooms – Fully-loaded potato indulgence

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The simplicity of a great, golden baked potato is just a thing of beauty. Then, there’s the fully-loaded spud, mankind’s ultimate expression of potato art. Do you have loads of guests coming over for dinner? How about a big brunch for Father’s Day coming up? This Baked Potato with Mushrooms, bacon, sour cream and chives is edible art at its tastiest.

Your best bet with finding the right potatoes is to ask your local grocer which potatoes are fluffiest. This will ensure that your potato is firm but not chewy when you enjoy it. This is one recipe you don’t want to go light on. It’s pure indulgence on a potato with lots of bacon and mushrooms cooked with butter. Topped with an unnecessary amount of sour cream and some chives for freshness.

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Fully-loaded Baked Potato with Mushrooms, bacon, sour cream and chives is as tasty as it is the perfect social media post. Spud-art at its purest.

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