Rouge addresses beefing rumours with Nadia Nakai

Nadia Nakai

Rapper Rouge has decided to deal with the ‘beefing’ rumour that has been going around.

According to a number of her fans, they claimed she is during a beef with Nadia Nakai as they need not been pictured together.

The talented rappers also haven’t done any collaboration together which led to several of their fans thinking they’re rivalries.

However. Rouge has begin to mention she has no issue with Nadia as they both have various things to mapped out .

In her interview, she said they’re both doing great in their respective careers and other people should specialise in that.

She said: “I think people are just doing that because I’m here killing what I’m killing, and Nadia is there killing what she’s doing and it’s like they don’t ask one another .”

Rouge went further to mention it’s just a coincidence that they need never been together but they’re friends.

She said: “I think it’s just a coincidence that we are never within the same space and its also okay that we aren’t friends.”

She was asked if she has ever met Nadia. She responded by saying: “I’ve known Nadia for a short time , we’ve been knowing one another , and it’s just that life and that we pushed us in several directions. we’ve different circles and our different spaces. to not say that once we do see one another , it’s not a thing of argh I’m not greeting, once I see her, We say hi.”

She concluded by saying that there hasn’t been a song that they will work on, but she has no problem working together with her .

“Honestly speaking, there’s no beef. there’s no problem between Nadia and that i . It gets really frustrating, the very fact that folks try to make that. It’s very very annoying.”

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