Health Minister Zweli Mkhize says SA had not yet been cleared of the coronavirus despite moving to level one

Zweli Mkhize

“We can’t rest until we find a vaccine”: Zweli Mkhize warns of possible COVID-19 surge

Health Minister – Zweli Mkhize has sounded a note of warning to the mass, saying a possible COVID-19 resurgence could occur because the country moves to lockdown level one.

The warning comes after the recent record of cases which currently is at 661,221, while the price is at 15,953.

Mkhize said the country remains battling with coronavirus despite the recent move to level one.

“South Africans got to know that level 1 isn’t like everything is over. It’s just to mention let’s try rebuild the economy, let’s try build our social and non secular traditions and everything. we’ve to undertake to bring ourselves to normality. That’s all it means, but it’s a replacement normality. It’s not an equivalent as before,” Mkhize said on Monday.

“There’s a pre-Covid world and a post-Covid world. We are now within the post-Covid world. we’ve to form sure we take precautions because infections can resurge. We must not lose the message and be complacent. we’ve to continue the fight and thus the containment measures remain in situ .”

Mkhize also cautioned that there was a surge within the number of weekly infections.

“We aren’t out of the woods,” he said.

“We are checking out a vaccine. We can’t rest before we get a vaccine.”

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