Nasty C’s photographer becomes a musician

Nasty C
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Nasty C has taken to social media to celebrate his friend and photographer who’s become a musician.

The rapper celebrated his friend named Eyes of Teddy, and promised to support him all the high .

Teddy has dropped a replacement single under Tall Racks Record, titled, Green Light, and Nasty C has helped in promoting it.

“My ally jus came to makin music after years of jus dedicating his time & efforts to being my photographer & right man. I’m so pleased with this kid! we spoke everything that’s happened to me into existence & now we modify his life an equivalent way!” Nasty C tweeted.

The single premiered on YouTube was captioned with: From music to photography, to doing both! Eyes Of Teddy’s “Green Light” offers a bright and romantic gush of energy to stay you smiling and dancing all day & night!

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