Tshwane unveils new vehicle fleet to aid service delivery department

Tshwane unveils
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The City of Tshwane has unveiled a replacement fleet of municipal vehicles on Tuesday.

Tshwane spokesperson, Selby Bokaba explained that the 439 vehicles were provided to make sure optimal operations at some service delivery departments within the metropolitan municipality.

Most of the vehicles are going to be used for waste collection, patrol at landfill sites and transportation of employees to varied sites.

The other vehicles which incorporates light commercial vehicles are for other departments like roads, electricity, water and sanitation.

Tshwane administrator Mpho Nawa said that the fleets were purchased to scale back cost an make sure that efficient services are provided.

“Ordinarily, at some point to rent trucks for services like waste removal would cost the metro R10,000.”

The administrator said the repayments for the fleet would be concluded by the top of the year.

“By the top of this year, we might have returned the [fleet] investment, eventually employ more people and reduce costs of the Tshwane metro.”

He however admonished the municipal employees to require excellent care of the vehicles.

“Our resources are already overstretched. allow us to set an honest standard of infrastructure maintenance across all seven of our regions.”

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