Three-year old boy attacked by a pit bull has died in hospital

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The Glenwood toddler who was attacked by a pit bull on Monday has died.

A three-year old boy from Glenwood, Pietermaritzburg, who got attacked by a pit bull in the week , sustained injuries which led to his death.

Netcare 911 spokesperson – Shawn Herbst who gave more insight on the attack, said:

“The boy was fetched from school and dropped off at a friend’s house where a caregiver was present. Somewhere during that point , he was separated from her.”

Herbst made it known that it had been when the small boy went outside he got attacked.

“He suffered huge trauma to the top , face, neck, chest and hip area,” said Herbst.

Upon arrival of paramedics at the scene, the badly injured boy’s family was already present.

However, paramedics immediately drove him to a hospital.

“Later, we learnt he died from the severe injuries that he had sustained,” said Herbst.

It is still shady on what triggered the attack and whether if it had been only a dog that got involved within the attack or more.

Moreover, evidence are still being gathered since it had been discovered that there have been three dogs at the house .

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