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Pick n Pay debunks allegations of women locked in cold storage room

This is after there have been reports that the duo was seen shoplifting but unfortunately, one among them died since the incident occurred.

However, Pick n Pay said it doesn’t realize any deaths.

David North, who is that the head of strategy and company affairs earlier explained about what occurred during the event(s).

“Tuesday 1 September, our security personnel within the store, saw two people acting suspiciously, suspected of shoplifting. They were followed, carefully and respectfully. once they left the shop without paying, they were asked by our staff to remain at the shop . Police were notified and that they were asked to remain until the police arrived.”

North explained that the 2 folks were seated during a meeting room, within the store located upstairs, which wasn’t on the brink of the situation of the cold storeroom .

He further explained a video storage displayed two people exiting the shop during a hale-and-hearty condition and said there was no complaints whatsoever about their health.

North said Pick n Pay has already released the video footage of what occurred within the incident to SAPS and said they’re willing to form the footage public if permitted to try to to so

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