Level 1 upcoming: Cyril Ramaphosa ready to lift travel ban tonight

While borders and other points of entry will reopen under level one, government has decided to retain the ban on travellers from the US, UK, Spain, and Italy – which are key markets for the revival of the tourism sector.
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On Wednesday night, President Cyril Ramaphosa will inform the state about the new development of moving the country into Level 1 of the national lockdown and reopening of international travel – with provisos.

Countries which have high risk of coronavirus infection just like the us and a few of the main EU countries will still remain banned from travelling into the country.

However, controversially, countries like India and Brazil known to be the second and third highest infection rates within the world are going to be given permission to travel into the country.

Moreover, travellers coming back from permitted countries into South Africa are going to be requested to supply a negative test result taken within 72 hours before travel. this may give them the access into the country without being quarantined.

“Travellers who display symptoms will need to quarantine at own cost, albeit they produce evidence of getting tested negative 72 hours prior.”

Acting presidential spokesperson Tyrone Seale wasn’t ready to immediately confirm this when contacted on Wednesday morning.

“We do normally make announcements before the President addresses the state ,” he said.

An NCC insider said while borders and other points of entry would reopen, government had decided that travellers from high risk countries won’t tend permission to enter South Africa .

“These include the US, the uk , Spain and Italy – which are key markets for the revival of the tourism sector. But arrivals from India and Brazil, each with 4.3-million and 5-million infections respectively, are going to be allowed.”

“India and Brazil don’t present high numbers for us.”

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