Babalwa Mneno voice out the second time on accusation of human trafficking involvement

Babalwa Mneno
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Babalwa Mneno has been accused of being a part of a sex trafficking ring.

This is coming after the speed at which women and their children are being kidnapped is basically alarming as some feel this must be corrected as soon as possible.

However, Babalwa is one among the women who has been accused of involving in human trafficking operations.

This is not the primary time she is being accused of like she faced same in 2018.

Seeing the allegation surfacing on the web , the star took to her social media to defend herself and settle everything once and for all.

She couldn’t let this slump and during a series of Tweets she vowed to affect the culprit.

According to report, a screenshot of Babalwa’s conversation with someone was shared some time past in 2018.

This is where the rumours initially stemmed from and clearly have yet to possess been squashed.

Seeing the allegations surface again, Babalwa felt it had been time to settle it.

She said: “F**k you and your parents to all or any those little pieces of sh*t who are accusing me of pimping!!! Go and f**k yourselves, all of you, bloody starving dogs! FUTSEKKKK!…, the end!”

Babalwa then cleared people telling them she would not be talking about this issue again

“I will not be playin Kiki haha games with you ppl this time!!! I’ve worked so damn hard for my name and to stil have it relevant til this day, for u motherfuckers to just tarnish it!!! Let’s go…..” 

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