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A new trend that’s still undercover and held lightly is that of relationship assaults.

In full; Assaults in relationship must be tackled ourselves first.

This includes partners in romantic relationship also in “assault relationship”, families taking advantage of their children sexually and every one other sorts of assaults that involves people known to the victim.

Some people like better to stay mute when it involves exposing or reporting cases like this.

When it involves speaking up, the victim’s voice is forced to close up to the extent that they get wont to the assaults, the traumatizing assault and sometimes die in it.

Most people surrounding the victim sees things as too embarrassing to be disclosed.

Some also expect change to return when it’s crystal clear that nothing are often changed about the person committing these assaults.

The most important thing to notice is most are a suspect, stay safe.

In the situation where you’re the victim, you would like to voice out, let it’s known so another person doesn’t fall under an equivalent pit; who knows, you’ll be subsequent victim.

When your children complain of a loved one or friend molesting them, act on it.

Kids are so innocent that they let loose their troubles via their looks or their words.

This was the case of a mother from Nobody village in Limpopo. She ignored her daughter after she complained that her uncle was molesting her.

The whole issue became opened when the uncle forced the mother and her children out of the house.

He was reported and he got himself life sentencing.

Another case is when your partner is violent otherwise you both keep fighting till you get to use your hands against each other- that’s an enormous red flag.

Things could get worse; your partner could picks up a gun or something bigger to vent anger within the next fight.

Recently, a suspect was accused of killing his 23-year-old girlfriend in Temba.

It was reported that the person allegedly stabbed her brutally with a knife during a jealous rage earlier in the week .

Another man in Free State killed himself and his girlfriend’s 20-moth-old baby following an argument that letter led to assault between the 2 partners.

Get your priorities right, speak up when needed, flee from the connection if necessary.

Stay safe too.

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