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Church pioneers in the Western Cape came together on Tuesday to dispatch a quiet dissent against defilement associated to covid-19.

This dissent activity is an aspect of the cross country crusade composed by the South African Council of Churches.

Church pioneers across different groups assembled outside St Georges Cathedral before the Western Cape legislature.

They were seen holding bulletins which read: ‘we disapprove of defilement’ and ‘Coronavirus 19 corruption devastates life’.

According to Western Cape SACC chairperson, Lionel Louw, the voice of the church deserves to be heard because the church’s heritage is of integrity and not of corruption.

“No, we’ve had corruption with us for a number of years and during this covid period, in particular, we are seeing the heightening of that corruption at a time when people were ill and some people were dying.”

Reverend Martin Abrahams from the Moravian Church wants government to know the church has had enough.

“It is the fact that the poor are becoming poorer, it is the fact that many of our people who are in the churches have very little hope for the future and that is our concern.”

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