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Zodwa Wabantu has been slammed for allowing her son have a gold tooth.

This is coming after the television star shared a video of herself together with her 13-year-old son, Vuyo.

The mother and son were seen vibing to a song by Mlindo The Vocalist featuring Sha Sha’s Nge Thanda Wena as she drives him to high school .

Zodwa who may be a no nonsense woman doesn’t have time for anyone attacking her parenting skills.

In her post, she said: “It’s Monday take someone to high school Sing for Him, tell him you’re keen on him. Tell him to try to to better for Future & tell him to Respect Everyone.”

He son, Vuyo, who is currently repeating grade eight, has had his mother’s support throughout his schooling career, and seemed to be joyfully sitting beside Zodwa as she performed for the camera.

However, many of her fans notice the gold tooth and slammed the star for taking such a tread on a boy who is clearly still young.

A follower commented and said: “That isn’t her son with the gold tooth right?”

Reacting to the present , Zodwa replied: “That is my Son. We are in Hell, check out your life & the issues you’ve got . up here this is often my shit.”

The die-hard fans of the star took to the comment section to defend their favorite as they slammed those that attecked her.

They stated that it’s no body’s business to dictate what it’s right for Zodwa’s son.

Zodwa’s loyal fans began attacking the troll, with many calling them out for selecting on a 13-year-old.


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