Twitter users drag Sjava into Lady Zamar’s recent post

Lady Zamar
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Social media users has decided to feature more salt to the difficulty between Lady Zamar and Sjava.

Lady Zamar is currently trending on Twitter following the post she made yesterday.

In her post, she shared an image of herself looking so hot and sexy.

She was seen showing off her toned legs and posing during a fire outfit, captioned with, “What’s popping?”.

Recall, tons has gone down between the 2 above all after Lady Zamar accused Sjava of raping her.

During the first hours of Thursday, 28th of August, Sjava dropped a video on social media, addressing the rape allegation from his ex-lover Zamar.

He stood on the very fact that he never raped her, but they dated, and he never showed her true love, because he was in another relationship, which she knew about before they dated.

Lady Zamar on the opposite hand took to her Instagram live and shared all her experience with Sjava and her rape ordeal.

Well, all this came to life after the image she shared as followers inappropriately suggested that Sjava couldn’t contain himself thanks to his undeniable attraction to Lady Zamar.

One follower responded with, “All I see immediately is what got Sjava within the mess that’s what’s popping.”

Even with the very fact she has been trending, Lady Zamar has not said anything regarding the difficulty .

Despite all that’s happening , the songstress still attempt to give out positive vibes to her fans and lots of love her for that.

Check some of the tweets below:

See tweets from fans who are defending both stars:

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