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K Naomi is happy and pleased with her new romantic relationship.

The TV personality dropped hints on having a replacement man early this month, but because the day goes by, she’s becoming confident on detailing her feelings and even moments with him.

The last relationship was with Shimza and it didn’t end well.

Being hopeful crazy , she’s fallen crazy again and enjoying the method .

Naomi calls herself a wife already.

“Grateful. unsure what Gods plan is but I’m fully invested within the process and trusting that it’s an honest one. Puzzle pieces slowly coming together and I’ve been blessed with…yeah!”

“…be mindful about who you date. an individual WILL leave of their thanks to show you that you simply matter, by making time and essentially just being present in your life. Stop settling for half hearted love or care…you deserve the planet ,” she tweeted.

Check out a photo of how she’s flexing her new man:

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