Court restrains UACN property development company from reconstructing Niger Towers building

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Court has controlled UACN property improvement organization from reproducing and its specialist Pro-line West Africa Limited from meddling with the current structure of the created property known as Niger Towers.

A Lagos high Court sitting at Ikeja south west Nigeria has controlled a property the executives organization, UACN Property Development Company Plc and its operator Pro-line West Africa Limited from meddling with the current structure of the created property known as Niger Towers or in any case completing the accompanying exercises indeed: recreation, remodel, upgrading of Block An and B of the Niger Tower at 55, Glover Street, Ikoyi, Lagos in a way that will fence Block C against Block An and B forthcoming the Constitution of the Arbitral board and beginning of Arbitral procedures previously started by the Applicants against the respondents.

Joined as co-respondent is an organization Cobblestone properties and Estates restricted, a Corporate vehicle of Pro-Line west Africa Limited Company.

The request for the court was spin-off of a suit recorded under the watchful eye of the court by the Incorporated Trustees for themselves and for Block C, Niger Towers proprietors and Residents Association,in Lagos.

In an oath on the side of the movement ex-parte mutually pledged to by the four Trustees,Dr.Adedotun Sulaiman,Oluyemisi Ade-John, Victor Ogiemwonyi, and Adegboyega Austen Peters, recorded and contended under the watchful eye of the court,by a Lagos lawyer,Barrister Olayimika Olasewere, the deponents affirmed that Pro-Line West Africa Limited Company purchased Blocks An and B from UACN property improvement organization in 2019, Before and after the squares were offered to the organization the individual inhabitants and proprietors of the influenced property and squares have appreciated quiet control of the premises with shared offices and administrations, as of not long ago when Pro-line West Africa Company was endeavoring to cut out the influenced property from Block An and B and consequently denies it from the offer offices and utilities.

At some point in June,2020 Pro-line West Africa Company suggested the possibility of a”renovation” of Blocks An and B in the accompanying way: outline of the influenced property from Blocks An and B in a way that will confine the occupants and proprietors of the influenced property to their square just and prohibit them from approaching the common compound and utilizing the second door in the structure.

Migration of the utility region for sewage and water treatment to underground without considering the ecological effect evaluation of this methodology on the current structure.

The candidates have consistently kept up the position that the proposed remodel by the Pro-line west Africa Company will extraordinarily influence their individuals calm pleasure and quiet, ownership of the influenced property which is in opposition to the deed of the sub-rent they executed with UACN property improvement organization.

They fought that proposed redesign is in opposition to the deed of sub-rent the organization executed with the occupants.

Thusly, the proposed remodel by UACN advancement organization ,if not controlled ,will change the character and design of the separate properties and lessen its incentive in the land market.

The managing Judge O.A. Ogala after cautious thought of the whole realities before her, especially the appended shows and arrangements of the Arbitration and compromise stated, “the court finds that it has locale to concede the between time alleviation looked for, and allowed same

Furthermore the court requested the candidates to record in the court an endeavor to pay to the respondents the aggregate of N10million where it is discovered that the court should not to have conceded the requests looked for.


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