Ramaphosa commends the media industry during COVID-19 pandemic

Cyril Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa has commended the efforts of the media towards the prevention of human rights abuses & state authority, likewise completing civic duties to support the efforts of the state in curbing the spread of coronavirus.

The president said without the media, excesses, leakages, corruption, and maladministration might remain buried and not discovered.

In his weekly letter, Ramaphosa said the country must show a symbol of gratitude to all or any journalists for passing out key information on health (social distancing & hygiene) and doing these with limited resources and under delicate conditions.

His letter was released days after a live virtual engagement with editors.

Ramaphosa also lamented the hardship the media went through during the six months of lockdown. Their hardship included the following:

  • heavy job & income losses,
  • closure of newspapers, magazines, and other outlets.

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