Driver escapes death as branch from burning tree smashes into car windscreen


On Sunday, a driver almost saw the heavens within the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands after a branch of tree fell and burrowed through his windscreen.

The said man escaped death and only sustained minor injuries when a branch dropped from a tree ablaze and smashed through his car’s windscreen on the R103, on the outskirts of Gowrie Village.

Charles Newborn, St. Michael’s Ambulance Service operation manager said surrounding witnesses drew the eye of paramedics to the incident on the brink of Nottingham Road around 4pm.

“On arrival, one vehicle was found at the scene with a limb which had penetrated the front windscreen. consistent with the driving force , who was the sole occupant, he was driving next to a timber plantation which was ablaze . a robust wind was blowing when a branch fell from a burning tree and went through his windscreen. The branch became wedge within the console of the car, between the driving force and passenger seats,” Newborn said.

However, the driving force refused to be transported to the hospital for further treatment.

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