Riky Rick is tired of trending because of Cassper Nyovest

Riky Rick
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Cassper Nyovest spills out all he has in mind on beef with Riky Rick within the 2nd track of Any Minute Now album which was released some hours ago.

The track titled, To Whom it’s going to Concern has gained many attention, because the beef between the two rappers is yet to be properly understood by many of us .

A Twitter user called out Riky due to the track, and he explained that he’s uninterested in the entire issue, as he’s tried settling the meat privately with Cassper.

“EISH,, funny thing we’ve spoken privately so dunno where that “explanation” of what happened came from. Ill keep reaching bent him, but Im also getting uninterested in my name arising once I relaxing nicely minding my business. Its like yall want me to place the complete story on wax.SMH”

“Whats the purpose of getting it off your chest to your fans but not ever actually having the conversation in real world . Niggaz will do anything for sympathy or to seem like they were the victim. They never wanna fix the particular issue because they pride wont let em. Cabanga dawg.”

Riky Rick claims that Cassper was the one who actually betrayed him and his family.

“Imagine 2nd track you talking about something that happen 3years ago… Weirdest part is that he was the one who Betrayed Me and my family once we needed HIM the foremost . Kodwa Eish…maybe Ill tell the sorry next week. For now enjoy the album.”

“What bothers me is cassper acting sort of a victim once they know what exactly what did. QHA. “I THOUGH you liked ME” GTFOH”


After spilling out all he had to say for now, Riky urged fans to listen to the new album.

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