58 killed in eastern DR Congo by suspected ADF group

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DR Congo local officials have revealed that fifty-eight people are killed during a ttacks in a restive province of eastern DR Congo.

The local officials blamed notorious militia behind this attack.

Provincial interior minister, Adjio Gidi said 23 people were killed on Tuesday, and another 35 on Thursday

He disclosed that numerous people have fled from Irumu, a territory within the province of Ituri due to the recent attacks.

However, minister Adjio blamed the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), which was created within the 1990s as a Ugandan Muslim rebel group.

The group has been accused of killing many civilians since DR Congo’s soldiers launched a crackdown against them last November.

According to an area resident, the attacks happened during a heavily forested area called Tshabi.

He also added that numerous people are kidnapped by an equivalent group too.

“People were killed with every kind of weapon, knives, guns.”

He said the search effort was reduced to none due to the thick forest.

“Right now, the Congolese army, supported by local people, remains trying to find victims within the forest,” he said.

“Seventeen people are listed as disappeared, but they need almost definitely been kidnapped.”

Minister Gidi said “it was ADF, fleeing military pressure in (neighbouring) North Kivu province, namely in (the) Beni (region),” Gidi said.

“Our forces are already within the area and are in touch with the enemy,” he said without giving much details.


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