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Fire engulfed Beirut Port again on Thursday.

This comes during the time the country is beginning of the down effect of the huge blast that disfigured the capital and killed quite 190 people and left thousands wounded in August.

The black smoke bellowing from the location of fireside could even be seen by neighbourhoods faraway.

Haitham, a worker at the port who saw the hearth said he took to his heels in fear.

“We were working when all of a sudden they started yelling at us to urge out,” he said.

“There was welding going on… and a fireplace broke out. We don’t know what happened.”

“We dropped everything and began running … It reminded us of the explosion.”

According to the interim head of the port, Bassem al-Kaissi, the blaze started within the port’s free port .

This happened when an importer was stocking vegetable oil containers and tyres.

The fire “started with oil containers before moving on to the tyres,” he said.

“It was either caused by the warmth or by an error . It’s too early to mention .”

The army reported that it had been responding to the hearth .

It also confirmed that the hearth broke out at a warehouse containing oil and tyres.

“Operations have begun to extinguish the hearth and military helicopters will participate ,” it said on Twitter.

Social media users posted video footage of the hearth .


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