Cele condemns actions of officers accused of killing Nathaniel Julies

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Police Minister Bheki Cele have made it known that he’s displeased with the actions of the cops accused of being in reference to Nathaniel Julies murder.

He however added that he was satisfied with the Ipid taking up the case.

The 16-year-old boy with mongolism was killed few metres faraway from his range in Eldorado Park in August.

The three officers linked to his murder are to seem in court on Thursday.

His family claimed that Julies visited take out at a close-by shop before he was shot but the police argued that the teenager was caught during a crossfire during an alleged gang violence.

Regardless of things , Cele condemned the officers’ behaviour and said it can’t be defended.

“It was totally uncalled for and there’s not a grain of defensive input therein , nothing.”

“I just don’t know what came their heads of the officers. because the case continues, we’ll determine what happened.”

The officers face charges of murder, defeating the ends of justice, using unauthorised ammunition and discharging a firearm publicly .

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