Teen who brutally murdered his parents in NC denied bail

crime scene
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A 19-year-old teen from Pampierstad, Northern Cape who was accused of brutally murdering his parents are denied bail.

Tebogo Segae currently faces two counts of murder.

On August 27, he allegedly brutally murdered his parents – Stanley and Elizabeth – reception and dragged their bodies behind a moving car before he dumped them in an open veld.

According to a source on the brink of the investigation, the 2 bodies were found in their night dresses.

He was arrested the day the bodies were discovered within the veld.

According to the National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson for the Northern Cape, Mojalefa Senokoatsane, the accused, Segae decided to represent himself in court rather than hiring a legal aid.

The prosecutor, Dineo Mathule, wasn’t in support of his bail due to the intense nature of his offence.

On Tuesday, the Pampierstad Magistrate’s Court refused Segae bail on the idea that he didn’t provide enough reasons that would convince the court to grant him bail, and it had been also not within the best interest of justice to try to to so.

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