Zingah is excited as Dlala music video hits 1 million views on YouTube

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The video was premiered on the 2nd of August, 2019 and it’s over a million now.

He expressed gratitude for the support given him over the years.

“This level of support is just so heart warming. Being pushed to a Million by the ones that really love me,” he said.

On a streaming platform, he also realized hitting 1.3 plays.

Zingah is overwhelmed for joining the million gang.

Zingah recently appreciated himself on social media, calling himself a legend.

“I LOVE this nigga!! ♥️ I’ve seen this nigga risk it ALL for my dreams. He’s always been willing to lose it all to keep it real with, no matter what or who was against us. I have no idea how he does it but what I do know is how much I appreciate it. You’re a fucking legend my nigga! I can’t believe it,” he said about himself.

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