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Despite court orders on Tuesday morning to against those intimidating Clicks following racial advert, the EFF disclosed that protest actions at Clicks store will continue.

However, the EFF said their protests across all Clicks outlets had been peaceful.

“Essentially Clicks has lost in its plan to interdict the protest action of the EFF because the interdict issued by the court doesn’t speak to the protests being undertaken by the EFF across the country.”

The party also admonished enforcement officers to urge familiar with the writ so as to not infringe on its constitutional right to demonstrate.

“We will still protest across all Clicks outlets until 9/11 .”

“This is to make sure that Clicks, which values profits over the dignity of black people during this country feels the results of undermining the identity of black people, and presenting whiteness because the standard for beauty.”

EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu, who was also protesting outside the Clicks Sandton store insisted that nothing will stop the protest.

He disclosed that the protest is to make sure no business transaction takes place in Clicks stores.

“We are protesting altogether Clicks stores. we’ve not intimidated anyone. we’ve not intimidated staff members. we’ve not intimidated clients”

“The writ is interdicting things we aren’t doing. The protest isn’t prohibited. it’s not interdicted.”

“The protest continues within the manner it’s . we’ve got the constitutional right to protest against racism,” Shivambu said.

“We aren’t getting to interrupt anyone. We aren’t getting to assault anyone. We aren’t getting to do anything unlawful. we’ve a constitutional right to protest anywhere we would like to protest in SA.”

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