Health minister says it is safe to move to Level 1


Health minister Zweli Mkhize has suggested that the restrictions on lockdown should be reduced.

Mkhize on Monday said the country’s Covid-19 data showed that it had been safe to maneuver to Level 1.

He explained that SA’s daily infection rate had reduced to about 2,000.

“We never actually knew what to expect and therefore the reality is that we will now safely say we are over the surge.”

“We aren’t over the worst yet. We are worried about what may happen in terms of a resurgence within the country,” said Mkhize.

He said there was no spike within the number of cases when the country moved from level 3 to level 2 which showed that there have been improvements already.

“The sooner we will get to level 1 the higher , the earlier we’ve a traditional economy the higher , it’s better for the country.”

“We hope South Africans will understand that to urge there, we’ve to form sure we are even as cautious in level 2 in order that there’s no resurgence.”

Mkhize however cautioned that it’s too early to celebrate.

“We have seen other countries that celebrated a discount of numbers, visited some extent where that they had zero patients testing positive, then suddenly it flared up again.”

He urged all South Africans to require healthy safety precautions seriously.

“We must keep our precautions and every one containment measures must stay in place”.

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