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After social media post with images of overturned truck with Zebra carcasses in it were linked to the favored Durban butchery, Emam Bux Meats, the butchery came bent openly slam the malicious claims.

The social media post claimed that the butchery was selling Zebra meat.

The butchery during a statement however disassociated itself from the post after a social media user said the load was destined for Emam Bux.

“The post is amid three pictures, two of which are of an overturned truck bearing the name Hestony and therefore the other of a load of zebras.”

“The pictures are amid a message warning folks that Emam Bux is selling zebra meat.”

The company said the post was “misleading”.

It explained to its customers that they are doing not sell Zebra meat and their meat is “halaal certified and are available from abattoirs that are fully compliant”.

“The post in question is that the work of a disgruntled opponent within the meat industry who cannot compete with our affordable prices and quality meat.”

It disclosed that Hestony transported meat for them and other companies too.

“The post is malicious and designed to tarnish our good reputation in the market.”

“It is nonsensical because the pictures have been grouped together to convey a distorted view.”

The butchery added: “Emam Bux assures our customers that we do not stock nor sell zebra meat. All our meat products are of the highest quality.”

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