Black Coffee has taken to his social media to voice out on the Clicks stores saga

Black Coffee
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This is coming after a billboard from Clicks went viral which labelled African women’s hair as dry and damaged and white women’s hair as fine and flat went viral.

This has caused tons of shock among Twitter users as some felt it had been really a wrong advert and its portraying the act of racism.

Well, the retailer immediately removed the advert from the web and also apologized but the EFF held protests at Clicks stores across the country on Monday.

Reacting to the present , DJ Black Coffee has involved forgiveness and reconciliation.

He stated weighed in on the state of post-apartheid SA, asking how a generation that never apologised might be forgiven.

“How can we forgive a generation than never apologised,” he asked, sparking a flurry of messages from fans.

He further said: “History shows us it is possible to ask for forgiveness and work on a way forward.

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