‘Being single is the pits”- Mihlali Ndamase

Mihlali Ndamase is genuinely bemoaning on not having a man can be truly downright terrible.

This is coming after the star offered a stunning expression on how she feels about men.

In her announcement, she said we get the least quality with regards to men.

Mihlali said: “Chile we truly got the least quality with regards to men.”

Well, it seems Mihlali might be having a change of mind as she says being single is the ‘pits’.

She said, “Being single is the pits! I have to drive myself to the doctor, drive to the pharmacy to pick up my medication, then drive back home, and nurse myself on top of what? I really hate it here!”

According to her, she said she had to drive herself to the doctor, do other necessary stuffs and drive back home.

However, the tweet seems to have been deleted but she might indirectly asking to have a man back to her life.

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