AKA to a die-hard fan – “Thanks for having my back Mega”

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One of AKA’s die-hard fans has come to his rescue following his silence on the recent protest concerning Clicks store advert.

The star who knew nothing about it had been dragged into the Economic Freedom Fighter’s protest action for not speaking about the difficulty .

This is as a results of the very fact that the rapper is understood to always voice out on issues which are said to be on the brink of hios heart.

According to the accusation, it had been stated that the rapper showed less interest on issue of Black South Africans despite the very fact that he’s one.

AKA tweeted, “Some days like today I’m Black enough to talk out about issues. Other days I’m a Coloured this and a Coloured that. Weird f*ckin’ country we living in.”

Reacting to the present , AKA was just on a coffee as he watches a lover who took his side stating they ought to not forget the days the rapper would voice out on injustice.

She stated, “How repeatedly has AKA spoken out and supported black people? what percentage times has AKA been the sole one fighting for us? Only to be told he isn’t black enough whenever he isn’t doing things your way? Again I ask, IS HE the sole CELEBRITY IN SA?!”.

Commending the fan, she asked her to prevent after he realised she has said all that was in his mind.

He said: “It’s okay. I respect and appreciate you getting to bat on behalf of me but you would like to know that 99% of the time they won’t be ready to return and forth with me so you create them tingle once you take up the fight and entertain them. Still, thanks for having my back Mega.”

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