AKA lashes out on SAMA for snubbing “Touch My Blood” album


Otherwise known as’ third studio album, Touch My Blood has arrived at a fruitful stature and the venture is gotten one of the works of art out of SA music industry.

In the wake of flaunting SAMA26 grant he won for Best Music Video for Jika including Yanga Chief, AKA went on talking about the evil treatment the third collection got from SAMA.

Contact My Blood went twofold platinum in the wake of delivering it in 2018, thus, Supa Mega felt a solitary or more has the right to win SAMA.

Responding to the scorn got, the rapper says it’s an unspeakable atrocity.

Chad Da Don and Megacy(fans) concurred with AKA’s take.

“Not getting a solitary SAMA win off of Touch My Blood ought to have been viewed as an unspeakable atrocity. A ridiculous atrocity I let you know,” he tweeted.

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