Woman dies instantly after being shot inside police station

Woman dies Gun-hole

An Eastern Cape woman died instantly after a person rained bullets on her when she was inside the Madeira police headquarters charge office in Mthatha CBD.

The incident happened on Monday afternoon.

People round the area had to run to safety on hearing the gunshot sounds.

Songezo Sanazo, from Lujecweni village in Ngqeleni, witnessed the terrifying events.

He explained that he was at the police station to certify documents.

“I was busy having my documents certified when I heard gunshots,” he said.

“I heard the first one and I thought it was not something serious.”

“But I had to run for cover and hide behind the wall when I heard a second one, third and fourth while other people were running away from the yard screaming.”

“We were all terrified.”

He said before the gunshots, he saw a man rushing into the charge office.

When the media got to the scene, two ambulances were there together with some vehicles from Protek Security.

It was later discovered by the media that the suspect was employed by Protek Security.

He was immediately arrested and detained at the station.

The Madeira police station community service centre have closed down following the incident.

People were advised to make use of other police stations.

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