Thando Thabethe shows gratitude for lead role ahead of housekeepers finale

Thando Thabethe

Thando Thabethe has taken to her social media to point out her gratitude to those that were involved within the hit telenovela, ‘HouseKeepers‘.

The star who played the character, Linda Ndlovu may be a housekeeper and her role is to hunt revenge after her mother got killed.

In her post, she was grateful to her fans who were bringing in positive response because the role really shaped her views in life.

This is as a results of the telenovela coming to an end and therefore the media personality can’t just thank her fans for all the support.

Thando stated that the last episode are going to be aired today, 7th September.

Thando wrote:

“On Monday we bow out. i’m grateful for the respect of having the ability to play Linda Ndlovu once more…how this character has changed not only my approach in current work but in life generally , can’t be expressed in words. I even have hurt, and that i have healed…this was above me. This was a spiritual awakening…I am forever grateful!!!

“Thank you to my legendary co-stars, the crew who immersed themselves during this story, to @krijaygovender for holding my hand from season 1, to @portiagumedesa for seeing ME, for believing ME i really like you so considerably 🙏🏾. many thanks South Africa for walking with us, I ask that you simply show up in numbers come 8PM, MONDAY.”

She said: “Let’s meet 1 last time…🙏🏾…catch the season finale of #HousekeepersMzansi tonight 8pm @mzansimagic”

Watch trailer below:

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