Somizi finally convinced English never loved him

Somizi Mhlongo

Somizi Mhlongo took to his Instagram jiffy ago to share a video of himself and Caroline arguing on what should be the proper word to be used.

According to the video, Caroline was seen with a ‘skipping rope’ because the two argues if its a ‘rope or a robe’.

However, this is often not the primary time Somizi would be having this type of difficulty.

Recall, the star revealed that he has been singing the incorrect lyrics to at least one of the songs right along .

The international production toured everywhere the planet , and Somizi had been singing the incorrect words at every show.

He hilariously mocked himself and said: “English never loved me.”

Well, it seems he has found himself in same situation but this point with Caroline stating that English never loved the both of them.

He said: “Lol caroline rope vs robe. English never loved the both of us”

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