Tino Chinyani was dragged after posing half-naked

Tino Chinyani

Tino Chinyani and Fiance Simz Ngema recently took to their social media to reveal that they might expect their first child and its a ‘boy’.

However, after the announcement, many of their fans and followers expressed how they feel after hearing the news.

Many felt Simz moved on too quickly following the death of her ex-husband who died three years ago.

Well, the duo didn’t let any of this bring them down as they get stronger day by day.

As if that wasn’t enough, Tino was dragged after posing half-naked, claiming that he has no respect for himself.

The troll said: “You can see this one doesn’t respect himself, who will marry him if he keeps posting pictures of himself like this? Busy displaying his body, the temple of the Holy Ghost for the entire world to ascertain . Guys you don’t need to be naked to be beautiful!”

Thinking it would end there, another user stated that no one will ever marry him with the kind of pictures he is taking and posting.

“Sana I mean, who wants to marry a man who doesn’t respect his body? Who wants a man who posts such pictures for likes..I mean clearly this man doesn’t respect himself?”

Chinyani responded: “Sheeeesh I didn’t realize I looked this good. Sweet Father God Thank You For The Beauty You’ve Blessed me with. Have a beautiful day.

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