Betty Kyalo “Everything that I have, I work for it”

Betty Kyalo

Former news anchor, Betty Kyallo took to her social media to clear some things.

This is coming after a number of her followers felt she was gifted the car she revealed got stolen which it had been given to her by one shuga daddy.

The star stated that she received a call on her thanks to work as she drove her Porsche Cayenne to the situation and within a second, she couldn’t find her car.

Betty said she worked hard to urge all she has even after getting fired.

She said: “Everything that I even have , I work for it. The apartment, the land, everything I work for it. Let me tell you guys its not about having money, it’s about planning. Most of those things I even have i buy them because I even have great relationships with my banks.”


Her fans questioned after it was reported that she owns a new apartment in Ngong, a new car, moved her business to a better location in less than a year.

Kyalo said all these came from her hustler’s spirit.

She revealed: “They think BK ako na doo zimekaa kwa bank, No. I take myself out there, introduce myself to people confidently to sell my dream to somebody I think might help and not a Budesko. Most people out there just want to shun your dream, your success and pull you down by just saying huyu ako tu na mabudesko. Bro, let any budesko who’s bought me anything come forward and say something coz they aren’t there.”

Betty added: “When I was building Flair, there are those friends who stood by me. I needed 50K and they are like I can only afford 20K and I’d take it. But there’s no one person who came in and said Betty what do you need. I had people who came and held my hand, helped me in one way or another. The sole financial help I got was from my contacts at the bank, my mum and my savings.”

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