AKA and girlfriend, Nellie giving us couple goals


AKA and girlfriend, Nelli Tembe are giving us couple goals as they share their lovely moment together on TikTok.

The duo are making waves after AKA revealed he’s during a relationship together with her as she got featured in one among his recent videos.

Even with the very fact that AKA thinks TikTok isn’t godly enough and also revealed it’s not for youngsters thanks to its contents, he’s still a devotee of the app.

The two made use of the foremost popular trends just to offer something to the fans to speak about.

Since AKA joined TikTok, he has been putting smile on the faces of most of his fans as they felt it’s one among the way they will relax after an extended day.

The two joined the trend which is to urge their eyes closed as they answer questions on one another .

In the video, fans were ready to get to understand more about their favorites as a number of the questions they answered are like; “who spends the foremost money within the relationship? who said ‘i love you’ first? who cooks better? who is that the most patient? among others.

Watch the video below.

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