14 things you should know about AKA and Nelli’s relationship

AKA and Nelli Tembe

AKA and Nelli Tembe are gradually letting things out about their relationship, despite being extremely private about at the genesis.

Lots of people know that Nelli is that the 21-year old the rap star is dating after split with baby mama, DJ Zinhle.

He also claimed that she doesn’t wish to be within the spotlight, though the only , “Cross My Heart” is for her.

On Nelli’s Insta-stories, a Tik Tok video where they disclosed certain things about themselves was shared.

In the video, the lovers revealed some sizzling truth you would possibly not realize their romantic relationship.

Who initiated the primary kiss? – AKA

Who apologises first after a fight – AKA

Who is that the funny one – AKA

Who is more romantic – AKA

Who is more patient – Nelli

Who is that the better cook – Nelli

Who said i really like you initially – AKA and Nelli

Who takes longer to urge ready within the morning – AKA and Nelli

Who is grumpier within the morning – Nelli

Who is more stubborn – Nelli

Who is that the bigger baby when sick – AKA and Nelli

Who is that the social butterfly – AKA

Who is that the messy one – AKA

Who spends the foremost money – AKA

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