Human Rights Commission could take #TracyZille to court


The author a controversial twitter account might be charged to court in the week .

Last week, the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) identified the author one “Tracy Zille” Twitter account who was accused of hate speech.

The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) said before it takes the person to the Equality Court, it’ll make sure that the required facts and knowledge are correct.

The real name of the person wasn’t confirmed.

Commissioner Chris Nissen on Tuesday said the DA lodged a complaint over the account, which shares an equivalent surname as that of the previous party leader “Helen Zille”.

Nissen explained that the commission had to form use of a “tracing agency” which revealed the identity of the author the account.

He said “the office wants to form sure all the facts and knowledge received from the tracing agent are correct”.

Nissen also added that the commission will hold an indoor meeting on Thursday to conclude on all the documentation before they take the interest court.

In July, the Digital Forensic lab (DFRLab) claimed that twitter account @TracyZille was wont to drive traffic to a minimum of three websites to realize profits from it.

The contents posted on the twitter account were controversial which caused outrage on social media.

However, the person revealed by the DFRLab to be behind the account denied the claims.

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